This Tuesday June 19th and Thursday June 21st, all singing voices are being summoned to the Zion Tabernacle N.P. Jones Complex 910 Shattuck Street. There is going to be a great event that requires all singers for a cause. These two days will be practice for singers to be apart of the Sickle Cell Community Choir.

They will be performing for World Sickle Cell Day on Saturday June 23rd at Greater St. Mary BC, 1801 2nd Ave beginning at 6:30 pm. The event is open to all youth and adults and the choir will be led by Corey Dotson.Sickle Cell Disease affects 1 out of 365 African Americans and 1 of every 16,300 Hispanics in the world. While there are treatments for it, there are still no official cures.

If you get the opportunity to come out and show your support. You will be more then appreciated and also come out and check out the great concert. It is free and open for everyone to attend.

Our hope is that there will be a cure and that eventually there will be no more suffering when it comes to this dreadful disease.



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