Yesterday, I had the pleasure of meeting a new artist by the name of Jr Mack. He produces a style of music called Pimp Hop and is starting to generate a buzz around the music circuit. He's got the first single from his upcoming album called Git Dat Money. The song is truly a club banger and will have all the bodies shaking once things open back up.

We talked yesterday about his new music and working with legendary New Orleans producer, Ice Mike, who has worked with Bust Down and several other names in the industry. We also talked about family, as he was traveling with his son, Adam. I had a brief moment to talk to Adam, and he mentioned he was interested in becoming a sound engineer for recording artists. That piqued my interest, as many are looking for the fame and glory, not realizing that behind the scenes is just as lucrative.

Make sure you check him out and be on the lookout for the upcoming album. He talked about having a DJ cut featuring Ice Mike on the turntables and, being a DJ myself, with respect for Grandmaster Flash, Jam Master Jay, and others, I can't wait.

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