Today in Tha Wire, as previously reported Mary J. Blige's estranged husband Martin 'Kendu' Isaacs is still trying to bleed the star dry. obtained court docs on his latest scheme, where 49-year old is suing the songstress to get a bump in the $30K she already pays him in spousal support, which is more than some people make in a year. Matter of fact that's 360,000 a year!!!!

Okay, here's a quick backtrack on the divorce and why she was ordered to pay spousal support in the first place. PEOPLE reported the singer discovered Isaacs was not only cheating, but had drained her bank account of more than $420,000 during their 12 year marriage. She filed for divorce in July 2016, and asked the court to deny any attempts on Isaacs part to ask for spousal support.

Mary knew what time it was, because that's exactly what he did. He sued the star for support on grounds - he lost his job as manager when they split, and he was accustomed to living a certain lifestyle. Then out of retaliation Isaacs took several of her awards, including a Grammy and refused to give them back. He also refused to return a Mercedes Mary leased.

The songstress tried to get Kendu's spousal request thrown out, but the judge refused to do so. In spite of the fact that her prenuptial agreement had a "Waiver of Spousal Support" clause, the judge sympathised with Isaacs' argument of being unemployed. That's how the singer's ex got the support. Though it was a temporary order, she still has to pay him until they go back to court to finalize the divorce. Isaacs claimed his monthly expenses were $161,434, so he originally tried to get $129,319 in support. The judge awarded him 30K instead. According to E! Online if that wasn't bad enough, it was a retroactive ruling. Keep in mind this all went down in June this year. So that ruling meant Mary had to pay Isaacs a lump sum dating back to September 2016.

Fast forward, after all of that, Isaacs is trying to get more money! It's pretty unbelievable, but he filed papers this week asking for his support to be bumped up to 65k! His arguments according to DailyMail are as follows - Mary's career got a boost from her new "divorce songs," and he's demanding his cut. She's painting herself the victim, by opening her shows using tabloid images of their divorce. He can't find work, because she's on a "public campaign to destroy" his reputation.

Finally their spousal support hearing was scheduled for December, but Mary asked to court to postpone it till February so she and her lawyer can be present. There's no word on whether court granted that request, but Kendu's pushing for it to go December. He claims if it don't happen, he'll be left with destitute, with "no source of income."

Well, the nine-time Grammy award winning star finally got some good news. The judge ain't buying Kendu's "near homeless" sob story. Instead Isaacs motion was shelved, and the judge ruled that topic, and several other financial issues, would get further review when the case goes to trial. Whenever that is. So though it's not a complete win for Mary, at least she doesn't have to cough up more money. It's a trip, and as always I will keep you posted.

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