I remember when this event first went down in 1995, I was three years graduated from High School and was still contemplating what I was really wanting to do. I did have a career, but there were still questions on how to get to the next level personally. I remember when the nationwide call came from the honorable Louis Farrakhan from the Nation Of Islam for men from all over the world to unite in Washington, DC. Obviously Minister Farrakhan is not one to be muffled or hold his tongue, so obviously the media didn't spotlight it or give it the press that it needed. There were plenty of celebrities and more who showed up and the event was very peaceful and there were no issues at all.

The call for an event like this was to bring unity and awareness amongst African American men and to show them that we don't need to kill one another and we should truly get along. Again when alot of folks heard about the event, they assumed that this was a ploy of violence amongst not only ourselves, but to the masses. The Million Man March was a success so much so that twenty years later it was done again. Check out a clip from the weekends events including partial speeches and more with several celebrity citings.

With celebrities like Young Jeezy, Diddy, J Cole and so many more. The event once again was very peaceful and unfortunately this was not highlighted on television as much as negative press would be. But the goal got accomplished and hopefully the young men will return and spread the word on what they heard and take on a new lease on not only their lives, but the lives of their peers. I hope that this would resonate with out local police officers so that they value our lives more and realize that we're not a threat, there are some who are just lost. If we can come together and work with one another, then I think things will truly be ok. Check out some footage from the original Million Man March from 20 years ago.

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