As the Sheck Wes and Justine Skye situation continues to play out, the singer has reportedly been successful in her attempt to obtain a restraining order against Wes, a former boyfriend she claims abused her during their relationship.

Skye filed the report on Tuesday (Feb. 12.). She even claimed her attempt was unsettling and alleged police at the precinct were disrespectful to her. According to a The Blast report on Friday (Feb. 15), she was granted the order. The restraining order stipulates the "Mo Bamba" rapper can't come within 100 yards of the singer until their next court appearance.

Rumors initially started spreading late last year that Wes had been abusive to Sky while they were together. She came forward publicly last week. She even claims the rapper had his associate stalk her.

For his side, Wes has denied all claims against him. "[Sheck Wes] has denied any wrongdoing whatsoever or violence of any kind and we believe him," his management and legal team said in a statement. "He will defend himself against this serious defamation of character with any and all legal remedies available and for now will leave this with the legal process. Sheck is a strong supporter of the rights and liberties of all people and is appalled by these wrongful allegations and attempts to assassinate his character. He will no longer sit by and allow these falsehoods to live on any further."

The accusation has already had an affect. Earlier this week, Sheck was dropped from a Major League Soccer ad campaign.

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