BLK Dating app is something that I haven't heard of before the recent video that I saw. The app is a singles dating app for Black singles and with their latest move, this is gonna be talked about for years. They recently connected with rappers Juvenile and producer Mannie Fresh to have an updated anthem to promote getting vaccinated against COVID-19.

I remember in 1999 when Juvenile released 400 degrees, everyone was jamming the cd in their rides. While Ha was the single that was released, one song that caught my attention was Back That Thang Up. I knew that the song was going to be a major joint in the club and have every young lady on the floors. Fast- forward over 20- years later and the creators of the song are back. Juvenile and Mannie Fresh have released the video for Vax That Thang Up. We all know what COVID-19 has done for many in the world. There are several family members who have died due to the Coronavirus and it has truly shaken the world up. We all want to get back to some type of normalcy, but what does that look like? Well this song has a strong message from Juvy and Mannie and I am sure that it is going to not only help promote getting vaccinated, it is going to make BLK Dating app a house hold name..

Check out the video below and and look for an appearance from former No Limit artist Mia X.

Regardless of what your thoughts are about getting vaccinated, I have to give it to the creative team of coming up with something that is going to get attention. Hey, if you're single BLK Dating app may be just what you are looking for, just make sure you Vax that thang up before you meet you mate.


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