Kanye West's got a lot on his mind: an ongoing divorce (maybe...?), an imminent album, questionable new digs, massive listening events... the list goes on. He must be very distracted because on Thursday (Aug. 26) night, he didn't even notice when he caught on fire.

As flames engulfed the rapper on stage, he couldn't even remember the basic fire safety steps most of us learned in kindergarten.

So, here's a refresher, Kanye:

  1. If you see that you're on fire, STOP what you're doing and remain calm (or as calm as you can be while on fire).
  2. Then, DROP your body to the ground!
  3. Finally, ROLL back and forth until the flames subside.

Meandering around as if all is well, as seen below, is decidedly not what you should do should you spontaneously burst into flames.

In all seriousness, West held his third Donda listening concert in his hometown of Chicago at Soldier Field last night, where he lit himself on fire — in front of 40,000 attendees, no less — as part of a presumably highly-choreographed onstage stunt.

During the show, he also seemingly re-married his wife Kim Kardashian, another stunt (or was it?) that took place within a few moments of the fire show. (Kardashian and West filed for divorce back in February. It is unclear if the woman on stage was a stand-in for Kardashian or actually her, although she has been present at his concerts recently.)

As for the fiery spectacle, journalist Andrew Barber revealed that West originally had a different plan for the pyro stunt: the rapper apparently planned to burn down the onstage replica of his South Side childhood home, which he had his team build for the event.

"Kanye’s original plan was to set the entire house on fire in the middle of Soldier Field, but the city wouldn’t approve it (per someone with the City of Chicago)," Barber tweeted.

In any event, enjoy social media reactions to 'Ye's blazing stunt, below.

Donda, titled after West's late mother, is due out Sept. 3.

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