There has always been a little rumor that the marriage between Kanye and Kim was not necessarily a spur of the moment movement. Although this is Kim's third marriage with the previous being to Kris Humphries and before that to music producer Damon Thomas. This is Kanye's first, but apparently not the first time he put the side moves on Kim.

Khloe's show "Kocktails with Khloe" is coming to an end and her guest include Kanye and Kim. Whether it was a slip or common knowledge. But Khloe let it be known that Kanye actually brought Kim a cell phone and would send her pictures of basketball players and how they looked as they got older. While some would think this is funny. You have to wonder is this could have been one of the reasons why things didn't work out with Kim and Kris. I have to admit, they seemed like an odd couple to begin with. But I am sure that this did not help at all her marriage. Check out the small clip where he addresses the situation during the sitdown with friend John Legend and his wife Crissy.


Kanye West On Courting Kim Kardashian:

Again this is not the way you want to find out that you marriage was doomed from the beginning. There are also speculations as to why Kanye's new music is just not vibing like it was before. Either way I am still a fan and think that "T.L.O.P" was a pretty good work of art with great production as always and great features.