Kanye West's "Fade" music video premiered two weeks ago at the MTV VMA Awards, and the visuals, featuring Teyana Taylor, had everybody talking. It was exclusively available to view on Tidal after the awards, but now the video is streaming for everybody to access on YouTube as well.

"Fade" is a hit off the rapper's latest album The Life of Pablo. The video is a tribute to '70s porn, Flashdance and Grace Jones, according to director Eli Russell Linetz.

"Flashdance is just so iconic that it’s hard to move away from that," Linetz told the New York Times. "But the Ohio Players’ album covers were our starting point. Some people picked up on the Grace Jones boxing images by Jean-Paul Goude. I pulled a lot of references from ’70s and ’80s porn, just on Pornhub. That was less about the imagery and more about the texture of the skin, the oiliness. There’s John Carpenter films, The Fly. There’s also things like Dancing With the Stars, the Olympics and the N.B.A. championship. I brought on Guillermo Navarro, who shot Jackie Brown, as the cinematographer. Renelou Padora did the styling, and then Tino [Schaedler] did the art direction. He’s done everything from Harry Potter movies to Daft Punk videos. It all seems fragmented, and then it’s all boiled down to this one image because Kanye is so good about overseeing the people involved."

Teyana Taylor is obviously the muse in the video, dancing around in a gym before a lusty scene with her fiancee and 2016 NBA Champion Iman Shumpert. The two both end up back in the gym where Taylor was originally dancing only she looks much different. Check out the wonderful choreography, and unforgettable visuals in the full video above.


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