He has a career that's spanned more than 20 years. Katt Williams is iconic. His brilliant humor and world-renowned stand-up ingenuity keep his tours selling out arena after arena. Katt brings the funny with his razor-sharp gift of gab, keepin' it all the way 100% while mixing real life with hilarious punchlines. Nobody does it better than Katt Williams. Nobody!

The comedy legend has been on the road with new jokes, a new group of comedians, and a new show with the '2023 And Me Tour!' Since September 2022, Katt has taken his recent tour to nearly every city in the country. The tour continues through August 26, and lucky for us, it will stop one more time at a venue close by!

If you never saw Katt William live, here's your chance. Catch the comedic icon and friends at the '2023 And Me Tour' in Beaumont, TX, on May 5. The show will touch down at the Ford Park Arena, and tickets are on sale now!


April 28, 2023, Nashville, TN - Municipal Auditorium
April 29, 2023, Cincinnati, OH - Heritage Bank Center
May 5, 2023, Beaumont, TX - Ford Park Arena
May 6, 2023, Jackson, MS, - Mississippi Coliseum
May 13, 2023, Fort Wayne, IN - Embassy Theatre
May 14, 2023, Columbus, OH - Schottenstein Center
May 26, 2023, Miami, FL - Watsco Center

For more info, visit KattWilliamsLive.com and follow @kattwilliams on Instagram and @KattWilliams on Facebook.

Katt is also an Emmy® Award-winning actor who earned decades of accolades in TV and film. Starring in countless movie productions and box office hits like the "Friday" sequels, "Norbit," “Scary Movie V,” and TV drama's like "NYPD Blue." Not to mention critically acclaimed specials such as “Katt Williams: World War III” and his latest “Katt Williams: Great America” on Netflix. There is not much that Williams can't do!

Regarding stand-up comedy tours, Katt's comedy genius is untouchable! Celebrated for his brilliance and ingenuity on stage, Williams is known for putting down epic comedy tours, including “The Pimp Chronicles,” “It’s Pimpin’ Pimpin’,” "Kattpacalypse,” and many more! Nobody can tell a story quite like Katt Williams.

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