Kendrick Lamar is working with the Father of Funk again. After teaming up with George Clinton on his Grammy Award-winning album To Pimp a Butterfly, K. Dot lends his rhymes to George Clinton and Funkadelic’s “Ain’t That Funkin’ Hard on You (Remix),” which also features fellow West Coast MC Ice Cube.

The collaboration now comes in visual form and finds all the artists involved taking a futuristic blast to outer space to visit what appears to be the un-found land of Planet Funk. K. Dot kicks off his scene as the pilot of the spaceship craft who abducts special guest Michael Coyer and brings him abroad the funk ship. While casually chilling in the cockpit, K. Dot spits laid backed bars. “See I really have patience/If you relatin', only the moment to complete us/Why you hate to work for it/The reason why I hate to wait for it?” he rhymes. The verse is also on the Louie Vega remixed version, which dropped first.

K. Dot and Clinton came together at the suggestion of Clinton's grandson. At first Clinton was hesitant after listening to "Bitch Don't Kill My Vibe," Lamar's hit which he originally found as "silly." "But you know, after I met him and talked with him I realized it’s just his era of communication, and he had a lot of other stuff to say," Clinton told Pigeons and Planes. "He was saying things in brand new metaphors that I knew was going to fuck people up."

Kendrick is driving the ship, meanwhile Ice Cube is kicking it real and raw inside the party section of the vessel. "Some suckers don't like it/Cause I'm a psychic/And if you tricks don't like it/Hoe, you can dyke it," he rhymes while rocking his signature button-up shirt and dark shades. Check out the funky-smooth cut above.

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