I had the chance to travel to another place a few weeks ago to meet a new artist from, of all places, Kenya. The young man goes by the alias Jack Doyo, and from our first meeting, it seemed like we'd worked together before. He has a new single "Take Time", that he is currently working and it's actually doing great on the charts and starting to move not only regionally but also domestically.

During our discussions, we talked about his love for music, and his plans on where he was going to take things in the future. We had an interesting conversation about him learning English and being teased when he first moved to the United States. While he currently resides in Carolina, he is often frequenting his home and his family and friends. I didn't make the cut for the new video, but here is the first look at "Take Time" from my newfound friend Jack Doyo.

Erik Tee
Erik Tee

This was probably one of the times that I really had fun interviewing a new, up-and-coming artist. He is truly making waves with music and I feel like he has a bright future ahead of him with more great things to come. If you want to check out his catalog and some of his other music that will be dropping soon, check out his account here and get ready to vibe out a little. Thanks to Jack and the crew for coming through and don't be surprised if you don't catch me in one of his upcoming videos.

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