Kevin Gates didn’t seem to be in the mood for interviews over the weekend in Atlanta, and it made things awkward to say the least.

The “2 Phones” rapper was set to headline the annual HOT 107.9 Birthday Bash concert in Atlanta, Georgia on Friday, June 17, but when radio personalty Dj Traci Steele interviewed him, not only did he avoid answering her questions directly, but Gates also stepped back and wiped his sleeve after the Dj touched his shoulder.

I’ve experienced some interviews where no matter what you did the artist didn’t make the interview an easy experience. Dj Traci Steele did a great job of getting through it, I’ll give her props.

According to an Instagram post by the Islah rapper,

“Look, my dog asked me the other day, ‘How come when that girl touched you, you wiped your shoulders off like this?’ I say, ‘First of all, I’m married. Second of all I’m holy. Don’t put your dirty a** hands on me.’ Whatchu doing?”

So, there’s that. Gates isn’t for a woman who isn’t his wife touching him.

I serve God - fuck these niggas and hoes who don't respect it - 👳

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