An investigation is apparently underway after Kevin Gates reportedly had way more money on his person than what is allowed during his recent visit to C-Murder behind bars.

According to a new report Louisiana's The Advocate published on Tuesday (July 9), officials from the Louisiana Department of Corrections saw a picture of Gates holding money inside the prison. The photos were posted to C-Murder's Instagram account earlier this week, and they apparently sparked an investigation.

"As indicated in the photograph, it appears Mr. Gates had a large sum of cash, which is unacceptable, and a violation," department spokesman Ken Pastorick said in a statement. "It is against Elayn Hunt Correctional Center policy to bring case exceeding $300 into the prison, and any amount above that is considered contraband."

Pastorick noted that Gates is on the visitation list for his son, Lee Lucas—which means he has signed documents that outline and acknowledge the prison's policies on cash. As stated on the Louisiana Department of Corrections' website, "All visitors 18 years of age and older must have picture identification in order to visit an offender. Visitors are allowed to bring only enough cash money for vending machines and/or concessions into the visiting area. Any financial transactions brought in for deposit into an offender’s account will only be accepted through available J-Pay kiosks."

As previously reported, Gates was visiting with incarcerated rapper C-Murder, who has been behind bars since 2009 after he was convicted of second-degree murder for a 2002 nightclub killing. C shared the photo sitting with Gates, who was covering his face with multiple hundred dollar bills in one of the photos.

"REAL RECOGNIZE REAL. @iamkevingates came through and hollered at Cee. Nothing but respect for the homie Gates," C-Murder wrote in his caption. "A lot so call real left the homie hanging. You have to be real when you take time out your celebrity life to visit a homie in the pen. Salute @iamkevingates for the realest shit. #freecee #freeleelucus #freebigmarlo @freecornbread #freemac #tru4life #justice #tru #trudat #trumovement #freecmurder."

You can view the original photo of Kevin Gates flashing the money below.

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