Kevin Hart has had a successful career but of course it hasn't been without it's trials and tribulations. He divorced his first wife due to what some would call the karma of becoming an entertainer. He remarried and almost lost his second wife because of what seem to be a cheating scandal.There was also drama around him being called to be the host of the Oscar which blew up due to old tweets about his son and if he were gay.

Fast Forward to later this year and he had a horrible car accident which could have been the end of his life or at the least the end of his career. Kevin documents all of it with a new Netflix documentary called Don't F$%k this Up which will debut next Friday as many will be together celebrating Christmas.

Peep out the trailer below where we see Kevin in a somewhat different light then normal.

I've seen Kevin in concert twice and the guy is hilarious along with his weekly feature with the Paper Cup Boys. They truly keep me laughing. I am happy to hear that he is getting better by the day and can't wait to see what his career is going to be like going forward. Make sure to check out the documentary debuting on December 27th on Netflix.

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