Well the king of hart, Mr Kevin Hart is a giant when it comes to the big screen. He has been known to make franchises successful and sell out Madison Square Garden and more. Now although he is small by stature, he is the big man on campus when it comes to making us laugh at all of his jokes and is cashing out major bank when it comes to the moolah.

But I am sure alot of us didn't know that Kevin Hart is not such a big guy when it comes to animals. Especially when it comes to reptiles. He recently appeared on the Today show as he along with Ice Cube is still pushing "Ride Along 2" and they introduced him to a sneaky little fella and let's just say that Kevin Hart was not having it.

You know when I looked at this clip, I realize that Kevin and I have alot more in common then I thought. This is not an ideal situation to be in and while I don't think Snakes are racist, I will not be around long enough to see what's going to happen if I come across one.

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