Kid and Play was running the hip hop game back in the 90's. They also brought everyone out for "House Party" when it was released in theatres back around 91. Well tonight they are getting their due as Unsung will pay tribute to them tonight beginning at 7 pm on TV One.


Unsung: Kid N Play Red Carpet:

Kid had the high top fade that set trends for some many teenagers including myself. Play was the debonaire player who knew how to spit the game. I used to rock with these guys music and still love to hear classics like "Rollin With Kid N Play", "Last Night" and so much more.


They are gonna talk about their success, movies and what they have been up to since they left the music game in the late 90's. Check out the trailer for the upcoming series premiere tonight.

Kid N Play- "Rolling With Kid N Play":



Kid N Play- "2 Hype":

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