According to reports, a knife was found buried at the former Brentwood home of O.J. Simpson, where Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman were murdered in 1994.

No word yet if it is the murder weapon used in the more than twenty-year-old crime. The finding’s are simply preliminary until DNA results come back from the LAPD.

At one point during the high-profile murder trial, Allen Wattenberg, owner of Ross Cutlery store, testified that an employee sold Simpson a 15-inch stiletto knife on May 3, 1994. He added in his testimony that Simpson wanted the knife to be sharpened. — WSHH

The weapon used in the stabbing deaths was described as a long, serrated knife. It was not found, and the double-murder case remains open. - CNN

The knife found on O.J. Simpson’s former is also being reported as “inconsistent" with the 1994 double homicide.

There was no apparent blood on the knife, only dirt and mud, Maycott's attorney, Trent Copeland, said.

The knife found is a relatively inexpensive, small knife typically carried and used by construction workers, gardeners, landscapers or other laborers, the sources said.

The sources would not elaborate on specifics, but they said that the characteristics and condition of the knife were not consistent with the weapon used in the Brown and Goldman murders nor does it appear it was buried for a length of time that would put it in the time frame of the slayings. - NBC News

Even if the knife is discovered to be the murder weapon, Simpson cannot be retried because he was acquitted of the crime. As the story unfolds we will keep you updated.

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