Via Sports Illustrated, the immortal Kobe Bryant is having a rough go of things early in this NBA season. Now, his shooting woes have been immortalized, too — NBA JAM style! #‎Brickshakalaka - The Cauldron, via Youtube

In a game against the Denver Nuggets on Tuesday, Nov. 3, Los Angeles Lakers star, Kobe Bryant may have given fans the worst performace of his career when he air-balled two 3 pointers. Kobe even seemingly quit playing defense at one point. He’s now being immortalized NBA Jam style, in the video above.

The All-Star player had earlier called himself the "200th best player in the league," proclaiming "I freaking suck,” said Bryant after a Lakers loss to the Dallas Mavericks, on Sunday, Nov. 1.

People have already been declaring the end of Kobe Bean Bryant’s professional career for the past year or so, since he severely injured his left knee during the 2013-2014 season. After his lackluster performance, the debate thicken’s as to rather it’s time for the five time NBA champion to hang up his jersey, or not.

With almost 20 years in the NBA, is it time for Kobe to retire, or is he simply knocking off the rust for a stellar season to come? I guess we’ll have to sit back and see if the “Black Mamba” can shake back from a rough week, after all we’re only 4 games into the 2015-2016 season.

Though I am no Laker fan (Spurs), I am however a fan of Kobe Bryant and his level of athleticism. I wish him the best in getting back his mojo, so that if he does decide to retire it’s on the terms that he played his last season at his best.

Watch the original video that prompted the NBA Jam style clip, below.