Over the weekend Kylie Jenner and beau Travis Scott took their 3-year-old Stormi Webster to the Houston Zoo. For the average person including myself that wouldn't be much of an issue. But we are talking about 2 of the biggest celebrities on the planet right now.

I have heard of celebrities actually renting out amusement parks and events for their kids to be able to enjoy all of the rides and activities without having to rush. Obviously, this was not the case when these 2 decided to make this trip. There were many other parents there with their kids as well and due to the fact that they are celebrities, there were precautions in place to keep them safe. Kyle and Travis had the VIP tour and many of the locals were either not able to get on the ride or were an inconvenience at the wait time before they could.

I do feel like the Zoo should give those having to wait for vouchers or rainchecks to return at a later date if something like this happens often. But at the end of the day, they wanted to visit the zoo with their daughter and a few people were inconvenienced because of it. What do you think about this situation?



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