I have been sitting back and watching this story unfold in the media. The big companies overpower the small company and in this case, Superstar country group, Lady Antebellum (now with the newly shortened name Lady A), is in the news. The case of this story is truly a sad one, and I can't really say I agree with the way things are going. While they have been questioned about the use of the name for years from the media, they have decided that in today's climate, they were in need of a name change since "antebellum" is related to the pre-Civil War South and was not favorable among the Black community.

What they didn't realize was that, upon them deciding to make the change, there was already a blues singer by the name of Lady A who has been using the moniker for well over twenty years. Her real name is Anita White. She has performed with Motown and has released several solo albums as well over the years. This seems to be something that would be called White Privilege. This lady has been using this name for years and has branded herself as such. The fact that the name Antebellum is all of a sudden a conflict is not her problem. However, with a bigger bank account and more people in their corner with influence, it's going to be interesting to see how this plays out.

The group has stated previously that they have no issues with her continuing to use it. But how will this affect her going forward? What about the confusion to her fan base and that of the group? I understand Lady Antebellum has made their mark in the industry, but this just doesn't seem fair, and their pockets are a lot bigger if they truly want to rebrand themselves.

Only time will tell what will happen. However, I am rooting for the underdog, and I hope Anita White, aka Lady A, will take home the victory and continue to have a prosperous career.

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