According to WVUE Fox8, two Lafourche Parish inmates are facing new charges after deputies found a fake gun made from soap, the duo planned to use it in a plot to escape.

On Tuesday, correction officers at the Lafourche Parish Detention Center discovered an object in the cell of 49-year-old Troy Benner, that resembled a gun. A handcuff key that was unknowingly dropped by a correction officer was also found in the inmates cell. The gun was reportedly made of soap, toilet paper, and other materials available to inmates.

Benner, planned to break out of the detention center with assistance from 32-year-old Treiston Pierron. Brenner, who was incarcerated for armed robbery, no faces the charge of attempted simple escape. Pierron was in prison for simple arson, but is also charged with assisting escape, because not only did he know about Benner's plan to escape, but he also helped him plan it, said the Fox News affiliate.

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