Laila Ali is the daughter of Muhammad Ali, but she has really worked her way to creating her own lane and not being in his shadow. She retired with an undefeated record and has done everything from "Dancing With The Stars" to now promoting her own cook book "Food For Life".

She stopped by The Breakfast Club to talk about her long career and huge accomplishments and also about the legacy that her father left on her carer. It's also great to hear how at first her father wasn't in support of the boxing, but was her biggest fan toward the end.


Laila Ali talks latest cook book and fathers legacy:

If you want to pick up her latest book you should definitely get out there and support  the movement. I want to commend this young lady for killing the sports world and running things that only way that she knew how, but I also have to say that she is not done and will be working on more things in the future.

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