This year, more and more people will be decorating the inside and outside of their homes for the Christmas season. I have already seen pictures begin to pop of up beautiful decorations, and some funny ones that include the random sea can in a front yard. Either way, there is just something about climbing in the car, turning on some Christmas music, and riding around town to see all of the lights.

My mom told me back when she was a kid, my grandfather would just take them around the plants and tell them the tower lights were Christmas lights. Seems way more efficient, but I don't think that would work for kids these days! How in the heck do you even find out where all of the displays are? You could ask Facebook, but Lord knows all of the random answers you'd get of where to go. has got you covered! They have an interactive map that lets you see where people have their homes decorated around Lake Charles, Westlake, Sulphur, Carlyss, Iowa, Moss Bluff, and everything in between! Once you pull the map open, you can click on any of the stars and get a small description of what the display involves and when they are running. There are even descriptions that involve the homes that involve lights synced to music plus the station you need to tune to!

Grab the hot chocolate, or adult beverage of choice, pile in together, and go get in the Christmas spirit. If you have a display that you would like to add, there is a place at the bottom of the map to add your address and what you have on display. The map is constantly updated, so you might have to have an excuse to go out a few times!


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