Lake Charles artist J Deuce has been in the game for several years and is pretty familiar around the city for being pretty nice on the microphone. He just released his latest single "All I Do Is Ball" which from talking with J Deuce can be applied to anything in life.

J Deuce wanted to dispel the notion that it's only talking about wealth and riches, when Balling could be applying for the new job promotion or graduation college. Check out the interview below where J Deuce stopped to talk about his latest single and more below.

Erik Tee talks to J Deuce about single and what's to come:

With influences from Lil Flip and so many more. It's only a matter of time before Jonah J Deuce Janvier gets his chance to shine and put on for the city. With so many great artist out there including r&b and hip hop. Lake Charles can soon be the new mecca for hip hop. Be on the lookout for his upcoming release "Retribution" that will be dropping soon featuring "All I Do Is Ball" and so many more.

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