Sam's Southern Eatery on Hwy. 14/Gerstner Memorial Blvd. was the spot if you wanted giant fried shrimp or fried fish. They kept a steady traffic flow, especially being located off one of the main roadways in Lake Charles. Before Sam's moved in, that location was once an Arby's.

Like all of the storefronts and shopping strips in the area, the restaurant was damaged when Hurricane Laura hit the city in 2020. After the hurricane, the former restaurant remained closed. I wondered if they would ever reopen, and recently I got my answer. I was driving down Ryan Street and saw this!


Heading to work, I looked over to the Old Frosty Factory, and there was a big sign that read, "Sam's Southern Eatery Coming Soon!" To be honest, I was a little disappointed to see that Sam's would not be coming back to its former location in East Lake Charles because so many stores have not returned to the area since the hurricane. However, I am happy to see they are staying in Lake Charles and were able to reopen their business.

I snapped that picture to let everyone know Sam's Southern Eatery is back in business. Welcome back! To find out when their re-grand opening will be, check out their Facebook page to get the latest news. I can't wait till they open!

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