There's no doubt about it, Louisiana's got talent.  Hopefully, Lake Charles, LA. will once again be put on the forefront of the national stage.

Donnie Smith

Lake Charles, Louisiana's very own Donnie Smith will audition February 16th in New Orleans for NBC's hit show "America's Got Talent".  We here at 107 Jamz wish him all the luck and blessings we can extend. 

Donnie has always had a love of dance.  He graduated from Washington Marion High School in Lake Charles, LA. where he was a Drum Major in the band his junior and senior years.  Currently, Donnie is a senior at Southern University.  Since he's been at Southern he participated with several dance groups in various talent shows and competitions in the area. He also danced for an artist in Dallas Texas by the name of Mr. Moe, gaining the attention of industry movers and shakers in Texas.  While working with Moe, Donnie was featured in a couple of music videos and one of which was with actress Stacy Dash.


Donnie at Essence with Taraji Henson after winning the McDonald Dance Contest

Donnie isn't shy and his nerves of steel has served him well because, he's won several dance competitions at the Essence Music Festival in New Orleans the pass few years. Anyone who's attended Essence can tell you, thousands upon thousands of people are in the audience at any given time and they can be a very tough crowd at times.  So, for Donnie to perform at Essence, is a testament to his level of professionalism and talent. 


Donnie Smith

Speaking of which, the legendary dancer/actor/choreographer Debbie Allen had an audition for dancers for a performance she was putting on in the area and Donnie auditioned for a part.  As it turns out he wasn't the only one who wanted a role, a huge group came out hoping to make Mrs. Allen's elite top ten.  Donnie ended up being one of them.  However, his job obligations at the time became a issue and he wasn't able to make all of the practices.  Because of this, Donnie was forced to let go of his prestigious part.

Not giving up on his dream, Donnie sent in an application and a video to America's Got Talent and thankfully, he's getting another shot at his dream to dance professionally.  This weekend, Saturday February 16th in New Orleans he's gonna give it his all.  Donnie will audition to compete in the hit NBC talent show, America's Got Talent!  

Donnie, 107 Jamz and the entire state of Louisiana are behind you.  Name it, claim it and it's yours!  God bless and we wish you the very best!