Friend of The People's Station 107 Jamz Aaron Freshh Mulligan a.k.a Director Fresh is getting ready to drop something new for all of his fans. If you have been following him as I have, you know about his love for short films, "The Kickback" and "The Kickback 2". Now he is getting ready to drop a series that is going to be suspenseful and features plenty of great talent of Lake Charles native. As a matter of fact, I am also featured in the series as well.

The series follows several in the city who are experiencing a run-in with vampires. From the trailer of the series, it is going to be something that you may want to watch with the lights on. Check out the just-released trailer of the series for "Black Blood"

Here is Director Fresh when he stopped by and we met for the first time to talk about his vision for the movie The Kickback.


Erik Tee

For those who may have missed it the first time. This is the short film for "The Kickback" and it really showcased some great talent from the local front and also shows Director Fresh creativity when he is behind the camera.

Here we were at the premiere of the first Director Fresh flick where we all got to see "The Kickback".

Erik Tee

Make sure you visit and be on the lookout for the first episode on September 29 and will be followed by 7 new episodes to keep the anticipation going.

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