There will be a public hearing in Lake Charles to give recovery information to residents in SWLA who've suffered damages from Hurricane Laura and Delta. Homeowners living in Cameron, Calcasieu, and Beauregard parishes should attend this meeting to receive vital information on how to receive assistance.

For those interested in what hurricane recovery resources are available the Louisiana Office of Community Development(OCD) is hosting a public hearing in the Allen P. August Multi-Purpose Center at 2000 Moeling St. in Lake Charles on Tuesday, June 28, at 6 p.m. Hurricane victims will learn more about the Restore Louisiana Homeowner Assistance Program, what resources are available, and how to begin the process toward receiving assistance.

Louisiana has roughly $2.25 billion in combined allocated funding available for hurricane recovery for Hurricane Ida, Laura, and Delta. This upcoming public hearing and others like it will be taking place in heavily impacted areas so that the OCD collects information from the residents and put together a cohesive plan of action. So, it is very important that residents come out to the hearings and give their input on how the hurricane damage has impacted them.

State officials need the public's input to ensure recovery programs align with community needs. Homeowners are also encouraged to complete the program survey at This is the first crucial step for residents to start receiving assistance.

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