If you are looking for a great job, with part-time hours and a decent starting wage you're in luck! Serve your community working for the U.S. Postal Service. Lake Charles Postmaster Vivian Johnson told KPLC News at a special job fair held Wednesday at the Central Library that the local office is hiring Rural Carrier Associates (RCA).

For more job description details and duties click HERE. According to Johnson, residents who missed the job fair but are interested in applying for the position may still do so via the USPS website. She added,

“The difference between the jobs is the arcs. They normally work on Sundays and holidays, delivering packages, and the rural carrier associates normally fill in on an off day for a carrier that is a regular carrier and they have off days or vacation and things like that.”

The Lake Charles U.S. Postal Service is offering a starting salary of $19.94 an hour for Rural Carrier Associates (RCA).

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