There have not been alot of successful late night talk shows. And when you talk about shows with African American host there are fewer then that. Arsenio Hall was one of the longest running talk shows that pulled in great ratings in the beginning. The show was cancelled and they tried a reboot that lasted less then a year. Well starting tomorow on "Comedy Central" they are giving it another go with comedian writer Larry Wilmore. Check out the trailer below.

The Nightly Show Trailer: 

With writing credentials of "In Liiving Color" and creating "The Bernie Mac Show" he has a knack for writing and creating comedy. This is going to be an interesting twist. With this show taking the place of "The Colbert Report", it will be interesting to see how they show will work in such a big spot. Make sure you guys check it out tomorrow and let me know your thoughts on the premier of the show.


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