As you've probably heard by now, LeBron James' mother Gloria James has a new boo and her new relationship is starting to get some attention and unfortunately, for all the wrong reasons. 


According to reports Ms. James is dating an unknown Miami rapper that goes by the name, Lambo.  It wouldn't be that big of a deal if it weren't for the fact that this Lambo guy is only two or three years older than her son.

This follows rumors of Ms. James' alleged fling with LeBron's former teammate Delonte West.   However, this is looking more like the real deal as there's concrete evidence of this relationship all over the so-called rapper's Instagram account.  In fact, Lambo is straight stuntin in these photos.



Listen to Tha Wire below to get more details.

2 Chainz-youtube

In other news, in an update on the 2 Chainz tour bus stand-off with Oklahoma police two weeks ago.  According to a police report, Deuce’s bus had some major contraband onboard, which may explain why he refused to let authorities search it.  As previously reported, while on tour with Lil Wayne’s “America’s Most Wanted” 2 Chainz’s tour bus was pulled over for a busted taillight.  When officers approached the door of the bus, they claimed to see smoke and smell marijuana.

From there officers informed the rapper that they wanted to search the bus, but Deuce refused to get off or let them on them on.    An affidavit filed last week says a passenger on the bus, Abdullah Mujahid, shook his head "no" when he was ordered to get off and held up a small copy of the U.S. Constitution.

It was a good try as Chainz and his entourage held authorities off for eight hours.  But ultimately, they gave in after police had the bus towed to an impound yard with everybody on it.  Once they finally got off, the 35-year old rapper whose real name is Tauheed Epps was arrested along with everyone else and charged with obstructing the police.

Now, results of the bus search are being revealed and it ain't good.  So far, the only comments Chainz has made were in a recent interview with Nitecap’s Peter Bailey, Deuce insisted that his arrest was unnecessary and wasting tax payers’ money.  Chainz said, “It’s very unfortunate. The [arrests] takes up a lot of time and money from taxpayers who are actually the entertainers.  So for me it comes to a point where it’s just overwhelming.”

I bet it is, um, overwhelming.  So far, no weapons or drug possession charges have been filed, but it’s coming.  Best of luck to Chainz on getting out of this one.  Meanwhile, listen to Tha Wire below to find out what Chainz is accused to having on his bus.

Lupe Fiasco-facebook

Finally, Lupe Fiasco is being accused of helping his incarcerated business partner hide millions from his estranged wife.  Why?  Allegedly, to cheat her out of a divorce settlement.  Now he’s being sued.  TMZ is reporting that the wife of former heroin drug lord Charles Patton, who is serving a 44-year sentence for various drug charges, is behind the lawsuit and claims Fiasco helped her husband move $9 million in various bank accounts.

Lupe Fiasco Accused Of Hiding Money For Drug... by wochit
By the way, prior to being busted in 2003 with $1 million worth of heroin, Charles Patton reportedly worked his way up Chicago's drug scene by using money from record deals to buy narcotics. Word has it, he was Lupe Fiasco’s mentor.  But the rapper is denying to having ties to the former kingpin or having anything to do with past drug deals.  Yet and still the rapper penned a letter to the court in 2010, expressing his sadness for Patton's sentence and vowed support, writing "I will stand by him and his family no matter what occurs."

Lupe may have a very hard time getting out of this and you'll see why when you hear Tha Wire.  Speaking of which, press play now for all of today's juicy details.