NBA superstar, LeBron James, makes good on opening a community health and wellness center in his hometown of Akron, Ohio. The basketball icon started The Lebron James Family Foundation, which launched the I Promise Program to give back to the community he grew up in. It takes a village they say, something James is literally building brick-by-brick. It started with building a school, adding an institute, and investing in 50 affordable 2 to 4-bedroom, long-term apartment units.

I Promise HealthQuarters

LeBron James Family FoundationI Promise Elementary SchoolI Promise Housing Community

King James posted to his IG page, “When our families expressed a need for more health care services... we went to work,” He added, “We've come together with three organizations, AxessPointe, Coleman Services, [and] Peg’s Foundation to create I Promise HealthQuarters to offer a variety of services ALL under one roof.”

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