The Louisiana High School Athletic Association is feeling the heat. Their decision to sanction split playoffs in every high school sport, and not just football, has raised the ire of many school officials, fans, and even members of the legislature.

A special meeting of the LHSAA has been called to address concerns over this situation to see if member principals still feel that the current playoff plan is the best for schools, athletes, and the embattled LHSAA.

That vote has not been rescinded but they would be informed of the problems and they would be able to make an educated decision whether they would go forward with what was passed and have to make a few concessions to what those championship events would look like or have another option available.

Those are the comments of Mike Boyer, School Relations Committee Chairman for the LHSAA as reported by the Louisiana Radio Network.  Currently the playoff format calls for all high school sports post season playoffs to be divided. There would be one for public schools. There would also be one for private schools.

Some of the proposed changes to that plan include ending the split in Classes 5A and 4A and it would create metro and rural divisions in Classes 1A though 3A. There would also be a combining of class B and C schools. In football this would reduce the number of state championships from nine to eight.

We're calling it the hybrid nondiscriminatory plan. It has a little bit of each plan and there are those that I talked to today at the meeting and they thought this was the best plan that they've seen yet.

There has been no official date set for the special meeting but speculation is it will be sometime in January. My personal point of view on this is it couldn't come soon enough. There is already a rival high school sanctioning body that is currently signing up member schools to play under their format. There is also the threat of the legislature getting involved in high school sports. I don't think any of us really want that to happen.

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