Lil Boosie is warning everybody, "Don't be scammed." Some people are taking advantage of the fact that Lil Boosie is out of prison.  Don't get bamboozled by a fake Boosie manager.

Photo by Bryan Bedder/Getty Images

According to reports by TMZ, a bogus company named Giovany Productions is scheming folks outta money.  Reportedly they are swindling booking agents out of dough by posing as Boosie's brother Taquari "TQ" Hatch and manager have already beat at least three people out of $25,000 each.

One of the alleged victims is a women name, LaToya Thompson.  She told TMZ she was looking to hire the rapper for a gig and responded to a Boosie booking flier on Instagram.  As it turns out the flier was fake and as a result she was cheated out of $25,000 when she wired the money to the guy perpetrating as Boosie's brother TQ.  Thompson says she never heard back after sending the money.  A similar thing happened to two other people as well.

Boosie's camp has since gotten word of the scheme and in an effort to stop the impersonators, the 31-year-old rapper sent out a tweet to his follower's saying, "There is someone impersonating TQ [ Boosie Manager ] from this # (202) 830-5698.  Another post named the fake production company directly, "Alert: A Company Named Giovany Productions is scamming promoters out of money, while impersonating his manager."

For good measure, that tweet was followed by a post with Boosie's official booking email and a the message "don't be scammed" warning.

Ever since Lil Boosie has been released from prison, people have been lining up to book him and see him.  So of course he's got several dates lined up, including confirmed upcoming stops in Dallas, Indianapolis, two dates in North Carolina and an Orlando show on April 4.  Below, Boosie talks about when he was released and how he felt.

Boosie is also gearing up to drop a new album and sat down with BET earlier this week and told them, "When I came home, I turned on the radio, it was like everything I hear is about money and millions of dollars, and bottles, and models, and things like that.  I don't hear people talking about single mothers, I don't hear people talking about kids trying to go to college and don't have the funds to go. I don't hear people talking about what's really going on in the neighborhoods, what's really going on period. You just really hear people mostly talking about themselves and what they got."

Is he going to change his message?  We shall see.