Lil Gotit has kept a low profile as of late, but a new viral photo of the Atlanta rapper has left fans in shock by his sudden weight gain.

On Tuesday (March 8), a screenshot surfaced online of Lil Gotit on his Instagram Live. In the image, the rapper is wearing a tank top, which revealed his considerable weight gain. The photo went viral on social media and prompted people to post weight-related jokes at Gotit’s expense.

"Dat picture of lilgotit getting fat folks say he 'eatin good,’" tweeted one person on Twitter. "Must be 2 different types of eatin good dat boy eatin whatever he come across."

"Bro went from lil gotit to lil gottaEAT," wrote another fan.

Lil Gotit caught wind of folks poking fun at his weight and decided to address the body-shamers on his Instagram Story. In a post, the "Walk Down" rapper shared a side-by-side photo of himself when he was skinny and the recent IG Live screenshot. He captioned it, "Can't be a kid forever[.] Grown man weight done got on me."

To follow up, on Wednesday (March 9), Lil Gotit jumped on his IG page and shared several photos of himself at Atlanta jewelry store Icebox. He was copping some expensive ice. It also appears that he’s now calling himself "Big Gotit," in reference to everyone talking about his weight.

It looks like Gotit is taking the jokes in stride.

Check out more reactions to Big Gotit’s viral photo below.

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