Hours after delivering his new single “That Way,” Lil Uzi Vert started dropping details about his long-delayed album Eternal Atake.

On Monday (March 2), the Philadelphia rapper hopped on his Twitter account and tweeted that he will share three different album cover designs for Eternal Atake and let fans pick their favorite artwork. “I’m letting You Pick The Cover!!!!” he tweeted. “Covers by 3 different artist[s] by the way so we just giving opportunity even if you don’t get picked,” he added with a smiling face with horns emoji.

For the first cover art image, Uzi said that it would look similar to the cover of his next single “Baby Pluto," which he announced earlier in the day. The single also features Syd from the group The Internet. The artwork features a brown hand and a multi-colored raindrop diamond surrounded by gold diamonds in the background.

Uzi described "Baby Pluto" as out of this world. "'That way' was some Orenji shit, it's cool it's sweet it's nice ....but 'Baby Pluto' gonna take you, outer space girl," he tweeted to a fan.

As for the second album cover art, Uzi posted an intergalactic image featuring three women on the moon waving at a spaceship hovering over a technicolor planet Earth. Chicago rapper Twista loved the second cover art so much, he gave him a shout out on Twitter.

"@LILUZIVERT your new single hard as fuk & I personally like the 2nd cover #EA," Twista tweeted. Uzi replied, "Thanks Twista you are a legend some of the greatest verses WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS BRINGS BACK GREAT MEMORIES THANK YOU AGAIN .🌟"

Uzi didn't reveal the third cover until Tuesday (March 3), following of a series of tweets. The final artwork features Uzi standing in a massive crowd of people who have their arms outstretched toward him. Some of them are holding signs.

Last week, Lil Uzi Vert also revealed that his new album would be dropping on March 13. Check out his tweets and the three proposed album cover artworks below.

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