Lil Za was arrested at Justin Bieber's house for drug possession Tuesday (Jan. 14).  A  couple of hours after posting bound, the 19-year old was back in jail on another charge.

Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Tuesday was probably the longest day of Li Za's life.  The young rapper, who's real name is Xavier Smith, was taken into custody initially after police raided Justin Bieber's house. Authorities had a search warrant to enter Bieber's home to look for evidence of an egg-throwing incident.  Justin Bieber's neighbor claims the singer is responsible for more than $20,000 in damages to his property, after it was vandalized with eggs.

Lil Za was inside the home and was allegedly caught in possession of a substance that appeared to be cocaine.  With further inspection, police said the powder was more than likely Molly (a powdery form of ecstasy).  It was later revealed by a Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department rep that the weight of drugs found in the rappers possession was not a "significant amount."

However, he's still looking at doing time and to further complicate is problems police found Xanax in the house, also believed to be Za's.  The only thing working in his favor is the Molly charge carries a year in prison, verses a three year bid for cocaine possession.

After being booked the rapper posted bond for $20,000.  The out of nowhere he spazzed out.  Police say the teen "flipped out" then "shattered" a jail phone, which prompted authorities to rearrest.

It's still unclear as to what set him off, but it wasn't worth it as Za was given a second felony charge for vandalizing police property.  So far, Justin Bieber hasn't been charged with anything.