Comedian/actor and Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon is famous for his lip sync battles. It's become customary for a celeb guests to drop by and partake in a lip sync battle with the funny man.  On the off chance, you've been under a rock, and never seen it go down. It's quite entertaining!

These insanely popular battles are recreated on a new show that airs on Spike TV hosted by Hip Hop icon/actor L.L. Cool J called, Lip Sync Battle.  According to Vibe the show is an entire spin-off inspired by the hilarious musical showdowns between Fallon and his guests.  In fact Fallon is behind the production of the show!  No surprise there.

L.L. Cool J and his sassy co-host, super model Chrissy Teigen to a great job entertaining and keeping the live audience hype, while giving their take on the friendly celeb lip sync battles as they go down.  The rules?  Pretty much like the same as those seen on Fallon's Tonight Show... but the performances get to be far more animated.   Each week two celebs go head-to-head without actually singing or rapping, sometimes using props and costumes to rock in hopes of scoring the Lip Sync Battle belt. There’s even a baby belt for the losers Vibe reports.

By the way as expected reviews are fabulous!  The show debuted last year in April, bringing record ratings for Spike, with 2.2 million viewers.  Best of all ratings are still raking in winning numbers.  Make sure you tune in for all the fun, every Thursday at 9 p.m. CT on the the Spike TV network.

Below checkout some of the previous episodes to get an idea of how hilarious the show really is!

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