When it comes to the kids, there are no other species alive who will make you feel small by their reaction of things you may ask. If you want to truth about what you wear or how you look, then ask a child. Usually when kids get the chance to go to Disney World, they are all about having fun.

They get to see characters who they look up to and get to have all of the fun in the world.
Well while this young lady was having a little grub with her family, Snow White came by to talk to her and see if she could get a little love. Check out the video below to see her response.


The cute little girl Kaylin was not there for the foolishness. While she was eating her mac and cheese the last thing she wanted was to be bothered. While there is no right or wrong way to deal with this. You have to let the kids be kids and when she feels like it, I am sure that she will come around soon.

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