Today in Tha Wire they went from being boyz, collaborating on an album and hitting the road on a full-fledged tour.  Now Jeremih and PARTYNEXTDOOR are all beefed out.  At this time nobody seems to know what sparked the fall-out, but one things clear Canada and Chicago's finest ain't road dogs no more.  According to reports drama between the two singers has been brewing behind the scenes for weeks now, and finally spilled over onto the main stage on Friday Dec. 2.

It was evident there were issues with the tour, long before then.  From the word go, fans took to social media complaining about Jeremih showing up late, ranting and walking off stage, or not doing a full sets. A few weeks ago in his hometown Chicago, he took to the stage blurting out a few four-letter words about his co-headliner and his crew, his performances being cut short and ear plugs not working, then threw the mic and then left. Leaving fans in disbelief.  On Thursday Dec. 1st, fans blasted him in Houston for reportedly sending an imposter on stage to do his show.  So things have been pretty rocky since the very beginning.

The singer tried to explain and sent a tweet out to fans suggesting he was being sabotaged in some type of way...

Then during a stop in Dallas,
Jeremih pulled a
"Kanye" when he took to the stage for his set. The Chi-Town singer went ballistic in front of a shocked crowd, telling them  “PARTYNEXTDOOR and his crew are some bitch-ass n—-s.” He continued, “Now scream for PARTYNEXTDOOR now. Y’all better cheer for him now. Tell him to press them f—in’ fake-ass buttons.”  Below a fan uploaded a video of the bizarre ordeal.
Once again the singer took to Twitter to plead his case, tweeting ...

Billboard reports a rep for Live Nation confirmed they have had it with his antics and gave him the boot.  They released a statement saying, "Live Nation’s top priority is helping artists and performers create great shows for their fans. With this in mind, we've decided it's best for the Summer’s Over Tour to continue without Jeremih, effective immediately." They went on to say,  "After multiple incidents we are left with no other choice. We do not support these actions or take these actions lightly. Ticket holders may request a full refund at point of purchase, which will forfeit access to the entire show. No partial refunds will be issued."

It's kinda crazy though, because there's only three dates left to the tour now.  It wraps up this week with stops in Denver (Dec. 6), Los Angeles (Dec. 9) and San Francisco (Dec. 11).  Not sure what effect their beef will have on their forthcoming joint album or, for that matter, if it'll ever be released at this point.  So far, PND have made no statement in regard to any of the recent drama.

For that matter, reps for Jeremih aren't offering no comments on the matter either. Meanwhile, the 29-year old singer took advantage of his new-found, free time, and uploaded a celebratory post on Instagram.  This weekend marked the 1-year anniversary of his third studio LP, Late Nights: The Album, which dropped  Dec. 4, 2015.

Hope they can work it out.  A joint album for the two of them really would be pretty hot.  On all of the above I will do my best to keep you posted.  In the meantime. Stay in the know and listen-up to Tha Wire every weekday, exclusively on The Peoples Station 107 Jamz.

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