Louisiana native Lloyd is back and better then ever with his latest single "Tru". He is making the rounds to promote his latest single and also his upcoming album that should be coming out soon. He touched down with The Breakfast Club about a week ago and this week he linked up with Sway in the morning to talk about where he has been and what he has coming out.


The interview was very deep as he touched on losing a child and also having a family member dealing with depression as well. Sway is always on point with his interviews and really pulls out some topics that alot of us didn't know about. Check out the interview below and also watch his latest video for "Tru" below.


Lloyd talks to Sway in the morning about his career:


Lloyd- "Tru":

Be on the lookout for new music and a new album coming soon. There is no title yet, but you can believe that it will be worth the wait.

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