There have been some questions by business owners locally on whether or not they are able to open following the governor's recent guidelines.

This group has been meeting regularly throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. With there being questions and possible misunderstandings, the Executive Policy Group wants to help local businesses with clarification of the governor's guidelines, specifically as the guidelines apply to non-essential businesses that have not been expressly closed by the governor's proclamations.

Here are some examples of the non-essential category of businesses that can remain open with certain conditions: clothing, jewelry, bookstores, and furniture stores.This also applies to faith-based organizations.

The conditions in which these establishments can remain open include:

  • Must maintain a 10- person limit
  • Public facing workers must wear masks
  • Must abide by the established social distancing guidelines.

If you would like complete information regarding the governor's proclamations pertaining to the coronavirus, you can access it here.

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