If you are from SWLA, one thing that has changed dramatically is the landscape from 1970 to 2023. Outside of population, infrastructure development and technological growth pose natural changes to a landscape. We have had so many storms over the last 10, 20, to 50+ years that NOTHING looks the same anymore. Natural disasters and erosion have played a significant role in changing the scenery in places like Cameron Parish.

A friend of mine (Chad Austin) shared this story with me, and I thought the images were excellent and are a true testament to how much things have changed from then to now.  I am sure folks from the Cameron, Grand Chenier, Hackberry, Creole, and Johnson Bayou/ Holly Beach areas would get a kick out of looking back to see what things looked like 53 years ago.

This is precisely why I am doing this post. Shout out to the Cameron Parish Police Jury, who, by the way, originally posted these vintage photos. The pictures were reportedly retrieved from a Cameron Parish Centennial Time Capsule this week!

If you are from or spend a lot of time in this neck of the woods, you will appreciate these images. For those of you who ever wondered what things looked like back in the day, this is a rewind back into time five decades and your chance to see first hand.

Talk about nostalgia. These old images showcase several scenes from the Cameron Parish region that date back to the year 1970. Enjoy!

Cameron Parish in 1970

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