They haven't come back to reclaim their land, they're here as part of the Jurassic Empire. It's quoted to be the "most realistic Dinosaur Drive Thru Event in Louisiana". Because they had cars back in prehistoric days. They are all set up and roaming free behind a temporary chain fence at the Prien Lake Mall this weekend for you to bring the family and kids to and enjoy. You may think a chain link fence wouldn't stop a dinosaur, but have YOU ever seen one break through a fence? Except for Jurassic Park, ok, I stand corrected.

The exhibit allows you to drive around the prehistoric giants as you get to experience them move and growl from the comfort of your car. It features over 50 of these dinosaurs in their "natural habitat". You know, next to a shopping mall as they would have been in the wild. The event even features a giant T-Rex towards the end "looking for his next meal". Luckily, KD's is right across the street, so just bring him a pancake.

Summer Boudreaux
Summer Boudreaux

The event runs from November 4 to the 13 and is open 4p to 8p on weekdays, and 10a-8p on weekends. Tickets are $45 per car for up to 7 people and $75 for 8-14. They do have a kid's "fun pack" that has special gifts inside ranging from $34 to $55. You can buy your tickets to the show HERE. 

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