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I wish I could say that I was shocked when we talk about the worst of humanity rising to the surface during a crisis.  Unfortunately, I am all too familiar with the fact that con men, grifters, and crooks love them some uncertain times.  There is, however, someone on our side.

The Louisiana Attorney General is always on the lookout for those among us that like to prey on the scared and desperate.  Lately, the office of Jeff Landry has been inundated with reports of pandemic pirates seeking to profit from freaked out folks trying to secure increasingly hard to find essential supplies by price gouging.

AG Landry and his team have been chasing down hundreds of cases of price gouging since the beginning of the Coronavirus pandemic, and expect to see many more.  According to FOX News, they have also been working with retailers to limit the number of essential items each customer can buy to ensure a steady supply, and with online retailers who have (for the most part) cracked down on folks who bought up all of the toilet paper just to sell it for an insane mark up.

If you suspect someone of price gouging, report them right away by contacting Attorney General Jeff Landry's Consumer Protection Section at 800-351-4889 or www.agjefflandry.com.

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