A lot of homeowners are having problems filing claims with their insurance companies. The terms of most homeowner policies are hard to understand and often have clauses or limitations that don't come up until a claim is filed. Hurricane Laura has left catastrophic damage in its wake across SWLA. Many Calcasieu Parish residents have lost their homes or need to get significant repairs, but are having problems getting what they need.

Filing a claim for hurricane damage is difficult and requires a good bit of details to ensure all the damage is addressed and the homeowner has enough money to pay for it. To help homeowners understand their policies, file claims, answer questions, or take complaints, the Louisiana Department of Insurance and the Office of Consumer Advocacy and Diversity have set up a local Resident Resource Center.

The center is open Monday - Friday from 10:00am to 4:00pm at the Henry Heights Recreation Center, 801 East School Street in Lake Charles. Stop by and get assistance by speaking with a representative one-on-one or call 800-259-5300 for more details.

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