Sadly, Family Dollar is closing more than 1,000 stores nationwide, reportedly due to low sales, poor conditions, and mismanagement issues. For many Americans, discount store chains are a significant necessity for poor people, especially those without transportation, who rely on them for food, toiletries, home goods, and décor or employment. On the other hand, even though these stores carry frozen items, most don't sell fresh produce and meats. The recalls in 2022 included food, pet food, cosmetics, medicine, medical devices, and supplements.

Some cities and states say they will not miss the stores, as they are considered crime magnets. They tend to have unkept storefronts, with litter in the parking lots allegedly bringing down property value. Because of this, according to CNN, many of the stores have been plagued with health and safety concerns. However, they supply a great need for food in poor neighborhoods already experiencing Food Desserts. They offer convenience for those shoppers who want the in-and-out option. In addition, these low-cost stores are often the only store in neighborhoods within walking distance.

This year, the struggling discount chain was hit with a record $41.6 million dollar fine for violating food product safety standards, according to CNN. In addition to Family Dollar, its parent company, Dollar Tree, is set to close several stores as leases expire for many of the same reasons.

This announcement comes after the company's financial results for its fourth quarter on March 13, as reported by NBCLA 4. Family Dollar stores closing in Southwest Louisiana include Broad Street in Lake Charles, Napoleon Street in Sulphur, Merryville, Grand Lake, and Reeves. Other Louisiana store closures are as follows:

So far, 600 locations will close between April 13 and June 1. After that, about 370 Family Dollar and 30 Dollar Tree stores will close. Click here for a list of some stores reportedly scheduled to close. The Shreveport Times reports Louisiana is home to roughly 319 Family Dollar locations.

According to Live Now FOX,  Rick Dreiling, Chairman, and Chief Executive Officer, said of the closures, “While we are still in the early stages of our transformation journey, I am proud of what our team accomplished in 2023 and see a long runway of growth ahead of us."

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