Ironically on Halloween for several of the past years. We would play a song by artist Dubl' T called "Stalker". While the song wasn't initially released as a Halloween themed song. It resonated with people who could simply relate.

The song followed an obsessed guy who wanted this young lady that he had met and he began to follow her and be where ever she was. Fast forward to today and Kenneth Trent aka K Trent is now a pastor, family man and devout Christian, who has found a way to combine his love for Hip Hop and much needed ministry.

He told me that he was working on some new music the last time that I talked to him and man was I blown away when I heard it. The song is called "Don't Stop" and the message is something that regardless of what you are going through. I believe this song will help you where you need it the most.

Big shouts out to the homie and I am proud that he is really making a way for himself and his family. I am excited about the new music and more to come.

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