A professional swimming pool cleaner based out of New Orleans has taken social media by storm with his unique tips for cleaning swimming pools, his tips have been viewed by millions, many of whom don't even have a pool to clean. There is just something so satisfying about the way these jobs turn out that you simply can't turn away from them.

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His story is awe-inspiring and his drive and determination have him on track to earning close to $100,000 this year as his own boss. Check out his story.

He goes by the moniker MJ the Pool Pro, you can find him on the social media platform Tik Tok operating under the handle @poolpromj. Based on information on his Tik Tok account the New Orleans entrepreneur works with Blue Street Pools. And what he does with dirty disastrous swimming pools is nothing short of amazing.

Holy Cow, that's a pretty swimming pool. I am sure anyone who owns a pool can benefit from watching these videos and the techniques MJ uses to make the pools sparkling clean and he even gets the bottom of the pool looking nice too.

Over the past few months MJ the Pool Pro has seen his followers jump to more than 2.3 million on Tik Tok, according to an article published by NARCITY New Orleans online. 

If there is one thing that I have gleaned from watching MJ's Tik Tok videos it would be this, don't be in such a rush. I usually don't take the extra time between chemical applications and based on what I am seeing, that appears to be the difference between MJ's pools and my not-so-elegant pool, but we're learning every day.

Jorge Fernandez Salas via Unsplash.com
Jorge Fernandez Salas via Unsplash.com

Something else I find fascinating about this story is the fact that this is just a guy doing what he does for a living. He decided to film it and make instructional videos and now he's an Internet superstar. Perhaps you could do something similar with your job or maybe even a hobby?

If anything you'd have the satisfaction of knowing that you made life a little easier for others simply by sharing your knowledge and a little bit of your time.

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